Nesting Season.

It isn't every morning when you get the call that there is a mother sea turtle laying her nest on the beach at 8am. However, today was that special day for residents of Vero Beach. 

I was with Portfolio editor, Penny Tranchilla, when we received the news that this sea turtle was burying her eggs in the sand right in front of Mulligan's on the beach. Without hesitation, we set off to go witness this natural phenomenon which occurs every summer here on Florida's Treasure Coast. 

Turtles usually lay eggs in the sand during the night. Most people never get to see this actually happen. The "lights out" curfew keeps our beaches dark as to not spook away these giant reptiles, therefore, making it rather impossible to actually see how a turtle nests. Every once in a while a brave turtle will make her way onto the beach during daylight hours giving us the pleasure to witness such a spectacular sight. 


The urge to get up and close with the turtle had to be restrained as it could entirely ruin the nest and chance of new life. We kept our distance as we enjoyed this rare sight, and the mother turtle did her perfect work: laid the eggs, buried them, and made her escape back into the Atlantic Ocean. I had the privilege of getting some rather personal images of this sea turtle as well as shooting this short edit. (Disclaimer: These photos and video were taken at a safe distance away from the turtle and in cooperation with Kendra Cope, of Indian River Coastal Divisions Program for educational purposes.)


A special day for visitors and locals alike to see this mother turtle laying her nest. 

Safely back to the Sea. 

Back to the sea she goes... where she ventures no one knows. 

That was really cool. We live in a unique place, enjoy every moment of it. 

-Nathaniel Harrington