Waking up, yah, even on a Monday...

Ah man, another Monday. Well, it's a good thing our Monday's start in a place like Vero, because if it was elsewhere I wouldn't know what to do. 

I took a little walk down to the beach at 6:30am. The sky was clear and there was a faint whisper of offshore winds, a few clouds on the horizon. Another picturesque moment in our fair town. 

Taking a dip in the Ocean felt great, the water is warm, the air is warm and I could have stayed there all day long if it wasn't for life's responsibilities. Oh well, the Ocean isn't going anywhere. 

And that's all on a Monday. Just think what Tuesday could be like! 

Small Surf this morning with a hint of beautiful. 

Pelican's in flight. 

Dreamy Monday Mornings... 

Ya know.. we could be living in Oklahoma.. 

Enjoy life folks. :) 

-Nathaniel Harrington