Behind the cover with Tatum Harrington.

Volume 6 Issue 2 Cover Shot featuring the beautiful Mrs. Tatum Harrington. 

There's beauty among us and one person that we wanted to highlight this spring is Tatum. Her husband, Nathaniel, sent over a handful of images from a photo shoot they put together along with Santiago Ares, owner of La Tabla Cafe and 32 to One. Santiago provided the bikes for the shoot which took place at a small horse ranch just west of town. The result, a stunning gallery showcasing the beauty of our home and gorgeous images of Tatum. 

Here's the making of our most recent Cover. 

We had two bikes, an older yamaha dirt bike and an absolute beauty of a bike the Triumph. We didn't really have an expectation for the shoot and I really didn't know where I was intending it to go, I always like to let the shoot happen and build on it as it goes. In this case it was pretty easy, the lighting was beyond perfect, side to backlit with the sun coming down through the tree's, the bikes were epic and my wife is beautiful, it made it pretty easy and very fun to create these images. 
We set out to help Tatum build on her modeling portfolio and Santiago was looking to get some images for social media for his bike restoration projects. Some shoots work out and have better feelings than others, this shoot had amazing feeling with great vibes, it was exciting to put it all together. 
Once taking a look at the final product I knew we had to send it in to Portfolio, this is something Penny would love and I feel like it showcases a truly beautiful aspect to where we live. I feel super blessed to get a cover featuring my wife! -Nathaniel Harrington

It wouldn't be a bike shoot without some action on the roads. 

Speed lines, white sand dirt roads, and wonderful people. Just another part of Vero Beach. 

Here's a short edit made during the shoot. 

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Contacts for this shoot. 

Portfolio Photographer: Nathaniel Harrington @natehphoto

Model: Tatum Harrington @tatumharrington

Supplier of Bikes: Santiago Ares @32toOne @latablavero