Banyan Tree Park Project.

Well Hello Vero Beach! 

We have some exciting news to bring to you about the Banyan Tree Park Project, we are re-opening our efforts to dedicate this beautiful piece of land as a permanent park here in Vero. 

We are partnering with awesome people at Florida Conservancy ( and we have made it available for you to donate to funding this park at

Our hopes are to purchase this piece of land and maintain it as a unique park located near downtown Vero. Its a really beautiful and very magical lot boasting a couple very unique Banyan Trees. A little piece of history for us all to enjoy. 

You've probably driven by it a thousand times. Located on the corner of HW60 and Avalon, but have you seen it? Take the time to check this little piece of property out and experience the magic for yourself. 

 Sun Showers in the Banyan Tree Park. 

Sun Showers in the Banyan Tree Park. 

River Lee Harrington plants a tree for the park. 

River Harrington 

Lets make this park a reality. Please donate today at

Thank you all so much! Please spread the word about this post and the park! Lets get this movement going! We could use all the support in the world before the end of the year, so don't hesitate to click the "Share" features on Facebook! 

Thank You from everyone here at Portfolio. 


Photography by Nathaniel Harrington