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For those of you who know me, you know that I LOVE mermaids! So when I first heard about this project I couldn't wait to share it with all of you! 

As a native Floridian, I have grown up swimming in most of Florida's natural springs. They are BEAUTIFUL and magical! If you haven't visited one yet, please do! #2017goals

Mermaid and professional photographer, Kristina Sherk, and her team are on a mission to raise awareness about the dangers facing Florida's water supply. We need YOUR help!


Here's the article from our latest Portfolio Issue. 


Mermaid Fantasies and the Reality of Florida’s Water Quality


Mermaid Ariel Lynn Brown posing underwater in Paradise Springs near Ocala. Photo by Kristina Sherk

Mermaids! The mythical water creatures of fantasy and imagination conjure up images from the lore of our past of maidens, half-human, and half fish, whose beguiling beauty was the stuff of sailor’s dreams. Mermaids capture our imagination and spark whimsical thoughts of a surreal world where anything is possible. And the possibilities are truly endless when you bring together talented photographers with beautiful mermaids in awe inspiring settings to accomplish a noble goal.

Mermaid and photographer Kristina Sherk is on a mission to bring the message of the dangers facing Florida’s water supply to the forefront and raise public awareness of the challenges we face. To tell the story she will use mermaids as the messengers in powerful images captured in Florida’s magnificent freshwater springs.

Florida has the world’s largest concentration of freshwater springs, with over 1,000 of these unique natural wonders. Some are just tiny openings to the aquifer, while others gush forth millions of gallons of pure clear water each day. Most are located in the northern part of the state, ranging from Orlando out to the Florida Panhandle. Florida residents and visitors from around the world enjoy the beauty of these cool clear oases but they have become endangered by population growth, overdevelopment, and pollution, with declines in water flow and water quality. Florida’s springs and the Florida Aquifer need our help to maintain the state’s water supply and to preserve the springs for future generations.

Mermaid Ariel Lynn Brown, before entering Paradise Spring near Ocala. Photo by Kristina Sherk.

Sherk’s plan is to use the power of the camera lens, combined with the mystique of mermaids, to create captivating images to draw public attention to the need to preserve Florida’s springs and to protect the water supply. She has joined forces with members of the cave diving community on a project to Save Our Springs with a series of photo shoots and a contest where a lucky winner will receive a custom fitted silicone hybrid mermaid tail created by Merrow Fins and a trip to Florida with a professional photo session in a North Florida Spring.

Mermaid and shark preservation activist, Heather Blackwell, poses underwater at Paradise Springs near Ocala. Underwater photography by Kristina Sherk

The attraction of mermaids is growing and there is increased interest with a worldwide community of people who enjoy the fantasy of mermaids. There are major events dedicated to mermaids and mermaids tails of every price range are flying off the shelves. Mermaids certainly do capture the imagination and command attention. They might be just the right mythical creature needed to bring attention to Florida’s springs.

For information on the project, please visit , Win The Mermaid Experience on Facebook, and @Underwater_Mermaids on Instagram.


The crew taking a quick break between shoots. Photo by Katy Zujkowski 

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