Vero Mornings with Joe Semkow.

One of Vero's favorite landscape photographers is our own, Joe Semkow. 

Joe has photographed hundreds of sunrises in the past years which shows a diversity of colors, angles, and moods of our little piece of coastline.

We thought if anything could make your Monday better it would be this gallery from Joe. So enjoy and share with the community!  

Starfish and the morning sun. 

These two images are a cool example of the differences from day to day here in Vero. The top image shows sizable windsurf with a bright yellow sunrise behind the clouds, the bottom a calm, pink morning. Nature's brush stroke is brilliant, and cameras are awesome for being able to capture it! 

Lake Atlantic at the pier. I imagine this becomes a perfect day to dive and enjoy some clarity in the water. 

Two Stand Up Paddle Boarders head off for the horizon. Now that is the start to a day! 

Thanks to Joe for sending these images in! 

Follow along with Joe Semkow and his Vero adventures at @semkow116

-Portfolio - Vero Beach