Lobstering Season.

I think just about every soul in Vero Beach has heard about Lobster Season and has seen the enthusiasm behind the fisherman who live for this time of year. The ocean water is clear, at least enough to see a few feet at worst, the water is warm and inviting, and the Lobster are out there. You just have to go peak around some rocks to find them. 

This is my first year pursuing Lobster. I can tell you, it is not easy. I'm a freediver and proud to be such. I like the sport of it. If I'm spear fishing or lobstering I feel like it gives the game a very fair chance to get away, which makes me be more patient and enduring. Spending an entire day sticking my head under every single ledge I find in the endless bottom out there has got to be the most taxing experience of my life! And I am in love with it. 

So in my first season of Lobstering, my count is at three lobster in two dives. Not bad for free diving and having no clue where to look. I did get the privilege, however, to spend a day on the boat with Zack Spurlock and Alli Penovich. Both of these individuals have some serious time in the water and know how to get some work done. It was a blast to see them poking around on the bottom grabbing Lobster. Such a blast I had to make a short clip for you to enjoy. So, Enjoy. 

We hope you have been able to get a few "Bugs" for yourself and experience your own wonderful Lobster dish. 


Allí Penovich making an accession. When free diving you only have so much time to get what you are looking for, sometimes you have to leave them at the bottom only to start over after a good breathe recovery. 

Zack Spurlock bringing another one to the surface. 

Thank you so much for visiting!