Editor: Penny Tranchilla


In January, Portfolio celebrated its 4th year! Time flies when you’re having fun! 

Portfolio is a unique boutique lifestyle publication focused on showcasing the beauty that surrounds us. From beautiful sunrises at the beach to amazing sunsets at a horse farm west of town, we love spotlighting and supporting everything local. Our mission is to inspire you to live the best life you can, right here in Vero Beach! 

In every issue, we keep it fresh. We love discovering new people, ideas and things to do. Thinking outside the box is what we do best! Portfolio is published six times per year. We print 5,000 copies of every issue and distribute them at high traffic, carefully selected locations and major lifestyle events. You can find Portfolio “in-room” at both of our oceanfront resorts, Costa d’Este and Vero Beach Hotel & Spa, in addition to many other local businesses. We’re also the premier in-flight publication on Elite Airways, now flying from Vero Beach to Newark several times a week. 

Pick up the latest copy of Portfolio at any of our advertiser locations or read our digital version here https://issuu.com/portfolio-verobeach

Thank you for your interest in Portfolio!


Penny Tranchilla

Owner/Editor (and doer of all the other things)

(321) 438-8733 | editor@portfolio-verobeach.com